GZDoom 3.7.1 Released

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  • Expand UDMF and ZScript API for side’s own additive colors
  • Add ‘useowncoloradd_{top,mid,bottom}’ sidedef properties to the UDMF spec
  • Please be aware there are also now UDMF fields for destructible geometry. (implementation details here)
  • Completely revamped textures system, allowing for more future extensibility and rework, also fixes a few issues
  • add support for scaled textures in the software renderer
  • Untranslated fonts now appear as truecolor
  • Improvements to Doom64 colouring
  • declared Actor’s Morph() and UnMorph() functions virtual
  • scale factor is now applied to all scaling modes
  • add vanilla lightmode that behaves exactly as Doom’s original light did
  • Cheat-enforced CVARs can now be changed in normal single player games without sv_cheats
  • Added a JIT compiler for DECORATE and ZScript which should allow some maps and mods to perform slightly, if not significantly faster in some cases 64 bit only!
  • scriptified the AltHUD
  • Many bug fixes as usual
  • Lights are now referenced by sections rather than surface, to speed up light linking. This should allow a dynamically-lit plasma bolt to pass over a 3D bridge in Frozen Time without turning
  • the game into a slide show.
  • Many scriptifications from native code to ZScript
  • Add shader cache for Intel GPU’s which should result in faster startups (especially on Windows) – first startup will still be slower, though
  • Added IsPointInMap(Vector3 p).
  • Added destructible geometry, exported to ZScript
  • Added a function to get the actor’s age in ticks.
  • Added a new field to the Actor class which stores the amount of ticks passed since the game started on the moment the actor was spawned.
  • Added a function to the Actor class to get its spawn time relative to the current level.
  • Added spawn time information to the output of the “info” console command.
  • Export AllClasses
  • Update GME up to 0.6.2 version
  • changed the way alpha works on DrawLine and DrawThickLine so they’re consistent
  • GL renderer is now partly multi-threaded, resulting in a 10-20% speedup, depending on a map’s complexity.
  • add “neutral” gender option and better obit formatting


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