Quake SM191: “Origins” Released

Quake Speed Mapping 191

Sixteen maps of pure, unadulterated ID1 goodness. A tribute to the classics of 1996.

The Lineup:

  • Miles Beneath the Mold by Breezeep
  • Lair of Xtalculum by Danzadan
  • Tiir Heldral by Danzadan
  • Classic Dungeon by Digs
  • Chapel Agony by Giftmacher
  • Raiders of the Lost Map by Ing
  • Ephialtes by Ionous
  • Counter Measure by Ish
  • Indignus Nominis by JCR
  • Ode to Chthon by Maxx
  • Hideout by Pinchy Skree
  • Caterpillar by Queenjazz
  • The Door to Wabbah by Scrama
  • Now & Then by Ukko
  • Metal Gate by WW
  • The Slipgate Redux by Yoder


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