Colourful Hell 0.96b Released

Colourful Cacodemons

Big features:

  • CYAN TIER: A new optional tier is here! These monsters are slippery like ice, fragile like glass, and sharp as crystal shards. You’ll most likely find very fun situations with these fellows
  • NEW WHITE TIER: The revenant finally has the white variant! Took long enough. This guy is a tough cookie who only wants to kick your ass, no one elses
  • NEW EX BOSSES: Black chaingunner and black cacodemon have EX versions, prepare for explosions
  • ITEM TWEAKS:  You can now set the drop rates of the enemies and bosses to your own taste. feel theres too many weapon/armor/health drops? You can lower em or turn em off
  • TEST MAP: An arena/gauntlet where you fight through each color of each enemy one after another (designed for vanilla weapons)

And for ammo? You can set that to double or to rarer or off aswell, it is seperate from items. Bosses that drop backpacks can also be tweaked now for those gameplay mods that have goodies on backpacks. Note: Default drops such as shotgunners shotgun and some special specifics like benellus’s fun are not effected by these settings.


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