GZDoom 4.0.0 Released

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  • Vulkan released in its alpha stages. Use “+vid_backend 0” on the command line to activate it. VERY IMPORTANT! Vulkan is unfinished and has several issues. You will likely crash. It works well in vanilla Doom without any mods, and will work with mods that don’t use models or shaders – but any mods that have these things will likely cause GZDoom to crash. You will have to switch back to OpenGL to play these mods. (“+vid_backend 1”)
  • Localization: GZDoom has been translated to several languages, with more to come soon.
  • Scaling has been changed. GZDoom now runs at a minimum of 640×400. An extra mode – 960×600 – has been added to replace the lost 320×200 one.
  • Internal code restructuring to agnostisize level structures.
  • Add ‘cl_blockcheats’ – useful for people who use debugging keys, allows a user to consciously turn off cheats without affecting the server
  • Punctuated the input strings in UpperCamelCase format, improving its appearance in the menu for upper/lowercase capable fonts
  • ‘wait’ console commands no longer execute inside the level, and can run during intermissions and outside the game
  • Moved controls to submenus in “Customize Controls” menu
  • Implement page string names for dialog lumps
  • Did a bit of cleanup on the option menus by regrouping some settings, especially splitting out of the Hardware Rendering Options menu into submenus.

The changelog of this one is like REALLY long, check the original post…


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