GZDoom 4.1.1 Released

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  • Bug fixes and Vulkan improvements
4.1.1 changelog

  • fixed deprecation warnings in core scripts
  • the light storage buffer is not dynamic
  • made Vulkan Cocoa view opaque
  • tuned internal MoltenVK settings for better performance
  • postponed destruction of Vulkan resources
  • fix vsync off with vulkan
  • release staging buffer after the frame it was used in
  • make the VkHardwareTexture and VKBuffer linked lists private
  • fix shutdown crash due to GetVulkanFrameBuffer returning null when VulkanFrameBuffer is destroyed
  • Fixed offsets for Esperanto letters.
  • add VulkanQueryPool and QueryPoolBuilder
  • add VulkanQueryPool::getResults
  • implement stat gpu on vulkan and fix it on opengl
  • use the exact sRGB->linear transfer function in HDR mode as the 2.2 gamma approximation is visibly inaccurate in this case
  • fixed saved game thumbnails generation with Vulkan renderer
  • fixed ‘I’ to ‘i’ upper-to-lower mapping
  • fix vulkan crash when changing resolution when using the software renderer
  • VMA_MEMORY_USAGE_CPU_TO_GPU does not require VK_MEMORY_PROPERTY_HOST_COHERENT_BIT to bet set. Current implementation requires this flag as
  • vkFlushMappedMemoryRanges is never called.
  • call SetActiveRenderTarget before drawing the software renderer scene
  • fix vkGetQueryPoolResults: parameter dataSize must be greater than 0
  • brought back text length check for ‘type on’ HUD message
  • improved handling of HUDMSG_TYPEON
  • Fixed random generation of friendly obituaries


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