Zenimax “shuts down” Doom Remake 4 mod

Doom Remake 4

Although it could not be officially confirmed, the “official” version scattered by the modder indicates that Zenimax legal department approached him, ordering him to stop his mod development.

It’s thought to be a publicity stunt driven by the modder, since he was distributing standalone derivative materials in violation of the Doom EULA, he was promoting/marketing it as an “official” remake, his naming/marketing was intentionally leveraging SEO for Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, and he was using a custom GZDoom build with copyrighted materials compiled-in.

Unrelated to the legal issues, the whole mess was just a repackaged compilation of other people’s work badly credited and oftentimes in direct violation of the original modder’s wishes.

Plus, it looked like crap.

Note: thanks to /vr/ and some FB commentator whose name I don’t remember (?‍♂️) for some clarification

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