CoffeeQuake speedmapping project released

Capture of Coffee Quake!, published on 19/06/17

A simple challenge was posed for mapmakers: Make a medieval-themed map in 1 hour.

In the speediest of speedmap challenges, each level would be placed in a line to form 1 continuous episode. After the first episode was a huge success, three other episodes were made in the other three themes of Quake, this time with a 2 hour time limit. With 4 episodes, that’s a full Quake game for you. For free, no less! Where are you going to find a fairer deal than that? Now go play the bite-sized adventure set out for you by: CoffeeQuake!

This project was organized by Fairweather and Zungryware. It contains 76 speedmaps by 19 different people, (23 of which are playable in Deathmatch), a start map by Fairweather, and an end map by Ionous.


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