GZDoom 4.0.0 Released

19/04/14 Party Boy 0

Highlights Vulkan released in its alpha stages. Use “+vid_backend 0” on the command line to activate it. VERY IMPORTANT! Vulkan is unfinished and has several issues. You will likely crash. It works […]

Colourful Hell 0.96b Released

19/03/11 Party Boy 0

Big features: CYAN TIER: A new optional tier is here! These monsters are slippery like ice, fragile like glass, and sharp as crystal shards. You’ll most likely find very fun situations with […]

Hellshots Golf Released

19/02/26 Party Boy 0

Far removed from running and gunning demons as you can get… well, you are still technically shooting in first person. Pretty self-explanatory, really. Put the ball in the hole. If you have […]

Doomsday 2.1.1 released

19/02/22 Party Boy 0

Doomsday 2.1 has been released (build 2967), coinciding with the 25th anniversary of DOOM! 2.1.1 is a patch release that improves the stability of the engine and fixes some incorrect behavior. This […]

GZDoom 3.7.1 Released

19/01/03 Party Boy 0

Highlights Expand UDMF and ZScript API for side’s own additive colors Add ‘useowncoloradd_{top,mid,bottom}’ sidedef properties to the UDMF spec Please be aware there are also now UDMF fields for destructible geometry. (implementation […]

Top 25 Missed Cacowards

18/12/12 Party Boy 0

The Doom community has been a fountain of creativity for 25 years, and trying to pick out the best work from the impressive pool of talent is always difficult. Dare we say […]

Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps

18/12/11 Party Boy 0

In the last 25 years, Doomers have produced tens if not hundreds of thousands of maps, but only a relative handful of those maps (call it a few thousand) are played, loved, […]