GBADoom, a prBoom port to the GBA

20/01/16 Party Boy 0

What’s hot? Supports Doom Shareware, Retail, Ultimate and Doom2 IWADS Renderer is largely intact. Z-Depth lighting is gone and there is mip-mapping but it’s otherwise complete Monster behaviour is all intact. (I.e […]

GZDoom 4.3.1 Released

20/01/11 Party Boy 0

Downloads for 4.3.0 removed because of a critical oversight. Highlights: New softpoly backend for the hardware renderer. The software renderer will start again on DX9 compatible hardware that doesn’t support OpenGL 3.3. […]

Freedoom 0.12.0 Released

19/10/31 Party Boy 0

General We now have a manual rendered to beautiful PDF format. Thanks to Simon Howard, the project’s founder. A strong focus on vanilla compatibility has been sought for this release. Most, if […]

Doom 4 Vanilla Released

19/09/07 Party Boy 0

It’s a gameplay mod inspired by Doom 2016, made to be compatible with any source-port (or without any of them). 100% vanilla compatible and full of dehacked tricks! All under the limitations […]

Doom on a NES

19/06/08 Party Boy 0

There is actually a Raspberry Pi inside the cartridge. It’s sending its frame buffer output across USB to an FX2LP microcontroller and then onto the expansion connector. Tutorial | How

SIGIL updated to 1.1

19/06/04 Party Boy 0

SIGIL v1.1 is now available for free download. If you have the paid version (from a box USB or digital download), download the free SIGIL v1.1 to update it. Download Post at […]

SIGIL is shipping

19/05/22 Party Boy 0

Look for your email notification from @LimitedRunGames. Boxes should be arriving this week, most next week. .wad should be free for download in a week. Post at Twitter

Brutal Doom 21 Released

19/05/18 Party Boy 0

After 25 years, Brutal Doom v21 has been officially released. Change log: May 16 2019 Release Candidate 11: Fixed a few more bugs. Further improved the gore system. All PSX Maps fully […]