GZDoom 3.7.1 Released

19/01/03 Party Boy 0

Highlights Expand UDMF and ZScript API for side’s own additive colors Add ‘useowncoloradd_{top,mid,bottom}’ sidedef properties to the UDMF spec Please be aware there are also now UDMF fields for destructible geometry. (implementation […]

Top 25 Missed Cacowards

18/12/12 Party Boy 0

The Doom community has been a fountain of creativity for 25 years, and trying to pick out the best work from the impressive pool of talent is always difficult. Dare we say […]

Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps

18/12/11 Party Boy 0

In the last 25 years, Doomers have produced tens if not hundreds of thousands of maps, but only a relative handful of those maps (call it a few thousand) are played, loved, […]

Cacowards 2018

18/12/11 Party Boy 0

The Cacowards have their earliest origins in the 1998 Doomworld celebration entitled Five Years of Doom, which Andrew “Linguica” Stine organized and published as Doomworld’s webmaster at the time (at the tender […]

25 Years of Doom

18/12/11 Party Boy 0

A quarter century has passed since Doom was released to the unsuspecting masses. More than two decades later the franchise has spawned multiple sequels, spin-off titles, films, comics, and cemented itself as […]

QZDoom 2.1.0 Released

18/06/11 Party Boy 0

The main purpose of this release is two things: Bring a stable QZDoom that is up-to-date, particularly with security enhancements, from the latest GZDoom (3.4.0 as of this writing) and… Fix the […]

GZDoom 3.4.0 Released

18/06/07 Party Boy 0

Highlights enable #include support in modeldef files removed DirectDraw and Direct3D backends, removed unaccerated SDL framebuffer backend reorganization of 2D and 3D rendering code in preparation for Vulkan in the future, performance […]