Hellshots Golf Released

19/02/26 Party Boy 0

Far removed from running and gunning demons as you can get… well, you are still technically shooting in first person. Pretty self-explanatory, really. Put the ball in the hole. If you have […]

Doomsday 2.1.1 released

19/02/22 Party Boy 0

Doomsday 2.1 has been released (build 2967), coinciding with the 25th anniversary of DOOM! 2.1.1 is a patch release that improves the stability of the engine and fixes some incorrect behavior. This […]

Ion Maiden New Level Available

19/01/23 Party Boy 0

Enter “Heskel’s House of Horrors” in this brand new update for Ion Maiden. Includes tons of new features and additions. One of these is a new Secondary Firemode! If it’s not already […]

BloodGDX 0.798 Released

19/01/23 Party Boy 0

1. RX 10 (kChannelTriggerTeam) fixed 2. Voodoo doll no affect on teammates if friendlyfire is disabled 3. Jumping on player’s head damage fix 4. Fix crashes in some cases when playing demo […]

WitchavenGDX 0.700 Released

19/01/21 Party Boy 0

Libgdx framwork updated to 1.9.8 New OpenAL version 1.18.1 with resampler filter WhGDX is playable now New game loop (for multiplayer in future) New menu Crash fixes AI refactoring Start cutscene support […]

TrenchBroom 2019.1 Released

19/01/21 Party Boy 0

New features #2518: Include experimental Quake 3 game config #2510: Add support for parsing Quake 3 maps #2426: Quake 3 shader support #2424: Add support for pk3 files #2288: Allow multiple subtrahends […]