Colourful Hell 0.96b Released

19/03/11 Party Boy 0

Big features: CYAN TIER: A new optional tier is here! These monsters are slippery like ice, fragile like glass, and sharp as crystal shards. You’ll most likely find very fun situations with […]

Hellshots Golf Released

19/02/26 Party Boy 0

Far removed from running and gunning demons as you can get… well, you are still technically shooting in first person. Pretty self-explanatory, really. Put the ball in the hole. If you have […]

Quake 1.5 Beta Available

19/01/18 Party Boy 0

Quake 1.5 is a darkplaces addon mod for the original Quake. Utilizing Seven’s SMC 5.30 as a base, it has been expanded to include new features such as weapons, gore, and plenty […]

Cacowards 2018

18/12/11 Party Boy 0

The Cacowards have their earliest origins in the 1998 Doomworld celebration entitled Five Years of Doom, which Andrew “Linguica” Stine organized and published as Doomworld’s webmaster at the time (at the tender […]

Diablo 3D 1.6 Released

18/06/14 Party Boy 0

New sprites (Bloodlord from Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction is imported) Some maps saw an overhaul 2 new weapons have altfire which are very powerful but eat a lot of Mana Download: […]