1on1 Pack

1on1 Pack
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1on1 Pack


The pack includes 6 maps aimed at providing a top experience in both Gameplay as well as Visuals

All maps are primarily meant for 1on1 DM battles, but some of the maps would also suffice for up to 6 player battles

The maps use all new custom content, new static meshes and new textures in order to create visually more appealing and unique maps

Some of the maps were created by the same authors who made some of the 1on1 and other DM maps for UT2004 retail

Title: 1on1-Pack

Website URL: http://www.1on1pack.com

FileSize: 41.1 MB

Released Date: Wednesday, April 5 , 2004

Filename: 1on1pack.zip


  • DM-1on1-Idrus (E.T)
  • DM-1on1-Alpu3 (Tonnberry)
  • DM-1on1-Obsidian (Strogg)
  • DM-1on1-Argel (Hourences)
  • DM-1on1-Sae (Hourences
  • DM-1on1-Tangora (Strogg)


  • Etienne "E.T" Morasse
  • Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong
    • http://www.planetunreal.com/phalanx
  • Florian 'Strogg' Oswald
    • http://www.planetunreal.com/strogg
  • Paul "Tonnberry" Fahss
    • http://www.planetunreal.com/tonnberry


  • If you put World detail to low in your preferences you might win A LOT of fps in some of our maps
    Even more, some maps could look very basic with low detail, ideal for those who choose for maximum gameplay without plants or fog blocking your view
  • All maps are primarily ment for 1on1's, but some maps are also well doable with 4-6 players maximum. Please do not play it with 32 people šŸ™‚
  • Half the maps are new, others are ported from UT2003 and fixed up in order to create an even more pleasing experience
  • Full credit list of people who have helped any of the maps in any way:
    • Lehmi (statue Sae)
    • Luggage (rain emitters)
    • Bazzi (Website domain and host)
    • Ictus (Occasional Skinning)

Beta testing:

  • Argel/Sae: Chicoverde, Spoondog, GMotha, Tyfius, Gidenjoe, Ictus
  • Idrus-Due: people from ut2k3.fr, Sunscorcher, Blitz, cUnNiNg_StUnT, *Ʀ*Legendary//zZz, Yournan2000, D-7, Diceman, Kindness
  • Alpu3: CliffyB, DavidM, MClane, Dr.Pest, Hyperion, Lehmi, Shadowlurker, TNSe, Ictus, ezkiell, [si-baz], Bazzi
  • Obsidian/Tangora: Ictus, Dr.Pest


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